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Welcome to This is the site where you can complete the "classroom" portion of your scuba training. We offer a variety of courses including open water scuba and specialty courses, like dry suit diving, surface supplied air diving, and many others. These courses are used by many IANTD and NAUI instructors.

Advanced training and certification including Nitrox and Rebreather Diver training is also available.   Prices start at just $49.95 for specialty classes and $84.95 for the academic portion of your Basic Scuba class.


Students learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Dive instructors and stores are freed from the repetitive, tedious and time-consuming classroom sessions, allowing them to focus on the crucial in-water skills. Dive instructors and stores have full online access to all of their students' records and study information. They also turn low-revenue teaching hours into a profitable business opportunity.

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Dive destinations get new divers who are educated and prepared for in-water training and certification without the need to spend vacation time in a classroom.