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Basic Scuba This course is your entry-level academic training necessary for becoming a SCUBA Diver. After completing this online course, you can go to any of the over 200 training locations listed in our directory of in-water training sites to complete your in-water training and earn your certification as a Openwater Scuba Diver. Click here for a free sample from the Basic Scuba course.
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Scuba Refresher Course

This refresher course is designed to be an intergal part of getting you, a certified scuba diver, back in the water, safely and quickly.

Chances are that you learned to dive some time ago and are wanting to get back to the activity. No matter how long ago you started (or stopped) diving, there have been many advances in the art and science of scuba diving. This online course will bring you up to date on the latest tools and techniques used by scuba divers today.

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Self-Defense Course Is your child's life worth protecting? Could you defend yourself against a home invasion robbery? You can learn Home Defense Fundamentals from our sister-site

Nitrox Diver Interested in becoming a Nitrox Diver? You can now complete your "classroom" work online, then become certified with your affiliated instructor as a Nitrox Diver.

Nitrox Diver en español ņ Interesas en aprender a usar Nitrox ? Ahora puedes completar todos los requisitos académicos en línea y visitar cualesquiera de nuestros Centros Afiliados a para la parte acuática del curso Nitrox.

Dry Suit Diving Learn the latest in drysuit techniques from the drysuit course. You will learn how to choose, use and maintain the drysuit that is right for you in this course created by Steve Barsky, author of Dry Suit Diving, now in its third printing.

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Trimix Diver "Breathing trimix on a deep dive is like taking a light on a night dive." This course, created by Wally Barnes, is the academic portion of the Trimix Diver Training Course. Prerequsites include: Nitrox and Decompression Diver qualification.

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Inspiration Rebreather Diver Ambient Pressure's Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers are the world's most successful electronic closed circuit scuba systems. You can complete your academic training for the Inspiration Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver course here, then go on for In-Water training with your instructor.

Brownies Third Lung Surface Supplied Air Diving Dive without cylinders! This course is your entry-level academic training necessary for becoming a Surface Supplied Diver. After finishing this online course you can complete your training with a dive instructor.

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Mini-B Shallow Water Scuba Diver

Shallow Water Scuba Diving is an easy and essentially non-strenuous method of scuba diving that has not been available until now. Shallow Water Scuba Diving takes place in warm, clear waters, with a recommended depth of 20 feet (6 meters) and a maximum depth of 30 feet (9 meters) The online learning experience is the first part of your becoming a shallow water scuba diver.

The second part is the in-water experience and will be conducted at a professional diving facility using mask, fins, snorkel and the Mini-B Shallow Water Diving System.

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Boat Diving One of the best ways to participate in scuba diving is from a dive boat, be it large or small. Boat diving opens up new vistas for divers that may otherwise be unreachable.
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Wreck Diving Wreck diving is one of the most popular activities in the world. It combines adventure, romance, and history into one irresistible package. Exploring sunken ships is something almost no diver can resist. In this course, you will learn wreck diving techniques for recreational divers.
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Underwater Navigation The Underwater Navigation course will help to prepare you for diving adventures by teaching you how to use natural landmarks as well as a compass to find your way from point to point underwater. Whether you are trying to relocate a dive spot, return to the boat underwater, or want to explore new locations with more confidence, underwater navigation is a skill you can use on every dive.
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