What our graduates are saying:

I really liked the fact that I was able to take this class online. It would nave never worked into my schedule if it was a class other than online. Great idea!

J. D., Minneapolis, MN

This was great! My wife and I completed the online portion of certification and since then we got open-water certified in Aruba. It was very easy to navigate through your system and was very educational. We loved our diving experience. We are going to Pensacola Beach in June. Do you know if there are any good dive sites near Pensacola Beach?

D. & E. M., Lenexa, KS

It was brilliant!

L. A., Vienna, VA

I liked it. There was good combination of text, pictures and video. The quizzes were good and reinforced the lessons.

A.S., Minneapolis, MN

I really enjoyed my SCUBA training course

T. P., Beaverton, OR

I really enjoyed this course... It was one of the best learning experiences I had ever had!!! Plus it was very nice to be able to do this at home... Thanks Again

T. N., Callao, VA

This was a great on-line course. Explained a lot and made it easy to go over things if you didn't quite get it the first time. A++++

A. B., Lockport, IL

I was very satisfied with your system. Thanks.

K. G., Craigville, IN

Loved the course!

R. D., Newbury Park, CA

No need for improvements! The training was quite detailed, and was also informative and fun!!!

Cairns, N.S.W.

Your course was very informative and cleared up many unknowns about nitrox diving. Thanks.

D. K., Fort Pierce, FL

Thanks to you I'm learning how to dive here in Cancun, Mexico. I especially look forward to diving with the whale sharks that we often see here!



A. S., Melbourne, VIC

Awesome course, Could it have been set up any easier? I don't think so. Thank you for the experience it has been a pleasant one.

A. W., Frankfort, NY

It is a great course.

A. O., Lake Forest, CA

This was a great training package

L. H., Calgary, AB

I feel that this was a great training experience. I would not change a thing. Thank you!

R. L., Brooklyn, NY

Thank you! It was informative and effective way of learning

S. P., Oakville, ONT