Types of relationships with

Affiliate Dive Shops Affiliates are our partners in educating future divers.

These are facilities and individuals who have agreed to conduct confined and/or open water training for graduates. They may purchase banner advertising in's public and private referral directories.

Any student enrolled in the courses by the Affiliate dive shop will see only equipment from the lines produced by a Sponsoring Manufacturer and carried by the Affiliate dive shop. (If the Affiliate carries no lines from Sponsoring Manufacturer's, the equipment shown will be selected randomly from the available pool of media.)

An Affiliate may enroll their students in the course for their academic portions of their class. The Affiliate may specify preferred travel and dive boat services to be presented as well as equipment lines from sponsoring manufacturers.

Affiliates may prepay for their enrollments and receive a volume discount.

Preferred travel and dive boat services of the Affiliate dive shop will be presented to the student as well. Ideally the Affiliate dive shops will make deals with Affiliate destinations.

Affiliate Destination

Affiliate Destinations are typically dive travel destination (resort, live-aboard, etc.) that may have an Affiliate SCUBA instructor available to them for training of graduates. The Affiliate Destination will be featured as a photographic image (with no advertising copy superimposed) and a caption that are a link to the Affiliate Destination's web site.

Affiliate Destinations will receive preferred placement in the's public and private referral directory.

Sponsoring Manufacturer

A Sponsoring Manufacturer is a business Affiliate of and provides artwork and technical fact sheets to's administrative staff.

If an Affiliate dive shop carries a sponsoring manufacturer's products, that line of equipment will be shown in the class materials. If the manufacturer does not sponsor, the equipment shown will be selected randomly from the available pool of media.

If a Sponsoring Manufacturer purchases a coupon to be distributed with a piece of equipment (BC,Regulator,Package) it may be indexed to a dive shop that it has been distributed through. The redeemer of the coupon would see the dive shop's customized presentation of the class with the Sponsoring Manufacturer's applicable equipment presented exclusively.