Learning to Dive has never been easier

Welcome to SCUBA Diving, a fun and exciting adventure sport that's open to just about everyone! Your dive training is a combination of in-water skills and knowledge of the principles involved in visiting the bottom of the sea.

Online Learning

Your studies of the (science behind the) sport are now easier than ever with online training from We translate the static SCUBA textbooks into a rich and fascinating interactive learning environment. You'll study at your own pace and on your own schedule, with plenty of quizzes and reviews to ensure that you're learning and retaining the knowledge you need for open water diving.

In-water Training

Once you've mastered the material you've studied online, you'll proceed to in-water training with your local SCUBA instructor. He or she will have full access to your study records, and review what you've learned to ensure that you're fully qualified to dive.

Internationally-recognized certification

Your SCUBA certification will come directly from your in-water instructor and carry all of the rights and privileges accorded to a certified SCUBA diver.

Web-based Study Makes Learning to Dive Simple and Convenient

When you think of SCUBA diving, you think of the quiet beauty of a massive coral formation as you gently drift past... of the mystery and intrigue of a sunken ship deep beneath the surface. Before you get there, though, you need a thorough knowledge of the principles, technology and practices of diving on SCUBA.

We Bring the Classes to You

Learn in the comfort of your own home with interactive online study at You'll complete the coursework on the schedule that works best for you. Comprehensive training materials give you the information you need in a form that's easy to understand. Comprehensive quizzes ensure that you've mastered the material you need to know before you move on to the next element.

Ready for the water

As soon as you've completed the online course and final exam, you'll be qualified for skills training in the pool and your open-water certification dives. Your certificate of completion from is recognized and accepted at affiliated dive shops and SCUBA training facilities all over the world.

Make your next vacation a SCUBA adventure has in-water training affiliates all over the world. In partnership with your local in-water instructor, you'll have a tremendous range of locations where you can complete your open-water training and earn your SCUBA certification.

The future of SCUBA diving instruction is with

Q: How is taking a course different from classroom instruction at my local dive shop?

A: In today's world, many of us find it difficult to take time away from work and family to attend class. The primary advantage of our online system is that you can "attend SCUBA class" in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Anytime you have a few minutes, log into our online classroom and work on your lessons, quizzes and reading assignments. Our web-based courses fit into your schedule: you can work on your training at any time of the day or night.

Q: How is the course different from completing a textbook and workbook based home study program?

A: Like books, much of the information in the course will be conveyed to you in writing. adds the following media that are not available in books:

  • Instantly evaluated quizzes and exams. The moment you finish an exam it is instantly graded and your achievement of the knowledge objectives is assessed. There is no need for you to self-evaluate your work as our system is an objective assessor of your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Graphic illistruations of key concepts. Books and classroom instruction are unable to have dynamic illustrations that are most effective in teaching some abstract concepts. makes extensive use of animated pictures and diagrams to reinforce many difficult to understand physical, chemical and mechanical concepts.
  • Up to date information and images. Many SCUBA instructional manuals were written years or decades ago and much of the material in these books is often out-of-date now. The dynamic nature of the's web-based system makes it easy for us to frequently update the material you receive is as timely, topical, and up-to-date as the evening news.

Q: How is different from video-based instruction?

A: online course exploits the dynamic and interactive nature of the World-Wide Web. This ensures that your training is the most up-to-date and relevant to your needs, contrasted with the static nature of video-based instruction. In addition, the material covered in our online course is much more detailed and comprehensive than any information that can be delivered in a videotape costing twice as much.

Please understand that online courses are not for everybody. Learning over the web is essentially a solitary activity. If you crave face-to-face interaction or cannot take the responsibility to complete your lessons, you will probably fare better in a classroom environment.