Give Your Students More... For Less!

SCUBA divers need a well-rounded education in the physics and theory of diving as well as the crucial in-water diving skills. is a comprehensive web-based training tool. It gives your students a thorough and detailed education in an on-line classroom at a fraction of the cost of your traditional classroom training. That gives you and your students more time and attention to focus on the more rewarding skills and open-water training.

Your World-Wide Presence on the Web has a national presence, and your participation as an Affiliate makes you part of it. Your students see your identity when they log on to the site, including links to your own web site. Prospective students in your area who take the on-line study course are referred to you for review, skills training and open water certification. When a student is referred to you for follow-up to the online training, you'll automatically earn a referral fee. Enroll one of your students for training in our electronic classroom, and you'll earn even more!

Training Materials Tailored to You

When you register as a Affiliate, you'll specify the certification agencies and equipment brands that you offer. Your students' online training will cross-reference the other training materials from that agency, and will feature pictures of the equipment available in your shop.

Fully qualified students

Our extensive screening process and proven teaching environment assure you of students who are fully prepared for in-water training. All of the information you need is presented in a complete and detailed package, including test scores, study history, strengths and weaknesses and a complete reviewed and approved universal medical history.

Detailed, Easy-to-Access Student Records

As a affiliate, you'll log in whenever you want to see individual study records for your students, summaries of your student records and information on your earnings from the program. All of the materials can be printed out to keep in your files. Record-keeping has never been easier!

Make Work For You.

Distance learning and home study have been accepted by most training agencies for many years. Internet-based education makes it a powerful partner on your teaching team, with interactive instruction and testing, multimedia content and a depth of information not available in any book.

How it Works

Students come to by referral from our Affiliates or by finding us on the web. We provide the initial training and refer the student to an Affiliate for review, confined-water and open-water training.

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Click the "Affiliates" button. You'll be guided through the steps required to add your business to the referral network, register to be paid referral fees and order promotional materials for your facility.