The future of SCUBA diving instruction is with

SCUBA divers need a well-rounded education in the principles and particulars of diving as well as developing their crucial in-water diving skills. is a comprehensive web-based training tool. It gives your students a thorough and detailed education in an on-line classroom at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom training. By completing their training on-line, you and your students have the time to focus on the more rewarding skills, equipment selection, and open-water training.

Students come to by referral from our Affiliates or by finding us on the web. We provide the initial academic training and refer the student to an Affiliate for review, confined-water and open-water training.

Affiliate Benefits

Train More Divers:

  • Train more professionals who have busy schedules and would not otherwise attend an evening class.
  • Offer your students: "Learn at your own pace, on your own time, on your own schedule".
  • A beginning diver could start their learning right away, rather than waiting (a week, a month...) for a class to start. Keep the student's excitement level high and provide instant gratification.

Train Better Divers:

  • Train your students using a multi-media system that is fully interactive.
  • Spend more time in the water with your students rather than being cooped up in the classroom
  • Online tracking of a student's progress through the course.
Blowing Bubbles

Increase your profit margin on training classes:

  • Elimination of scheduling hassles for classroom sessions.
  • Cut the scheduled time investment by 50% for the student and the dive shop
  • Spend more time in the showroom with your students helping them select their gear.
  • All student contact is driven towards the dive shop.
  • Your students will see only equipment that your store sells
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